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Family Therapy: Services


Family therapy can include the whole family, or just parts of a family. Family therapy can be hugely impactful.

Common Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Provide a place for each member to share their opinions and perspectives

  • Allow each member of the family to feel heard and be understood

  • Build insight into what causes and maintains problems

  • Create new relational dynamics

  • Create and support healthy structure and boundaries

  • Builds skills and allow for practice in real-time

Topics Commonly Addressed in Family Therapy

  • A mental health diagnosis that impact the whole family

  • Blended families

  • Parenting and family structure 

  • Conflictual relationships

Therapeutic Models and Interventions Used 

Structural Family Therapy

Gottman Emotion Coaching

PPP (Triple P)

Bowen Family Therapy

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